With a dynamic team of individuals and extended knowledge and experience on different areas within the company, a platform to lead the company is created. Every individual add value on various areas to create a sustainable business. Decision making and good service from each individual serves as example to the next levels within the organisation to transfer knowledge and experience.



Van Zyl Staal Staalwerke is the pioneer of modern South African farm implements development. Our equipment and custom-made tool manufacture capabilities and quality designs have allowed us to cater to the specific needs of South African farmers. The results of our hard work are reflected in our reputation as one of South Africa’s finest farm equipment suppliers and distributors. Not only do we bring innovative designs and quality equipment to a local market, we even bring them right to your doorstep. We deliver nationwide, as well as to neighbouring countries.

Our manufacturing process doesn’t end with the units listed online, either. For all your specialised farm implements and agricultural equipment, we’re ready to design and produce custom machinery, tailor-made to suit your farming needs.Our steelworks department also provides an array of products, services and solutions to the South African farmer. Visit us and interact with a team of experts with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry.

We take a personal interest in all our dealings and are proud of the quality services and equipment we provide. We were alongside our clients closely to ensure that we continue the benchmark of excellence that pervades our reputation!We have become a household name in the agriculture industry, with a strong annual presence at agricultural shows like NAMPO, for example.

Our reputation as a quality equipment manufacture company has grown since our founding in 1982 into the large-scale operation we entertain today. If you’re looking for farm equipment suppliers who are ahead of the game, we’re perfect for the job.

With branches over the Eastern Free State, and a vast selection of equipment available for purchase, we’re confident that we can provide equipment solutions to any commercial farming operation.